"I found support and connection with others in the group. I thought nobody else would understand me and my feelings but discovered that others in my group also had similar feelings. I got validation and empathy while being able to maintain a sense of anonymity. This was a nonjudgmental connection that I could feel safe in. I think my growth came through stretching my comfort zone and sharing myself. The world didn’t stop spinning and I was met with smiles and acceptance. It was heartwarming and healing."​

"Ann-Marie is warm, nurturing and kind in her leading and gives gentle nudges and suggestions without overwhelming."

" I was able to open up as others did. I liked that in a few gatherings we went from strangers to journeymen. I grew in trust- trusting that I could trust others in my sharing and growing in listening to others."

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Ann-Marie Bowen,LPC-S

Healing work in a community of others on a similar journey can be an incredibly powerful experience.  Ann-Marie offers IFS informed groups both in person and online.  Groups create a space that can allow for healing in ways that are different that what is experienced in individual therapy. In our individualistic society, relationships and community are not often seen as sources of healing. In fact, relationships are often where we have been most wounded. 

Ann-Marie's groups are designed to create a safe place to explore parts in a community with others  with similar desires for growth and healing.  Groups can allow access to and healing of parts in ways that are different from what is possible in individual therapy and can be an incredible supplement to individual healing work. 

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IFS Groups 

​"I found that the group interaction helped me give space to my own parts so that I could truly find compassion and curiosity. That's what I offered to the group members and it made it easier for me to give it to myself too! I loved all the members of our group. They were amazing women who I connected well with."

"I found the group beneficial because I was able to gain deeper clarity into my emotional responses. Engaging individual parts with compassion and curiosity was helpful, and a gentler way to engage difficult emotions."

"I would recommend for other women who would like to connect with other women to broaden their understanding of IFS and witness firsthand how "parts" are at work and evolve with others. The confidentiality and compassion and support of the group setting was priceless."